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Common Building

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Dining Hall

Our motto is Total Care. The residents will be looked after in true spirit of service. Care would be taken to provide routine medical check-ups. In case of hospitalization all arrangements would be made by the Trust with the cooperation of the guarantor / relatives. The resident could pay the expenses later. Supporting services are provided from a common building, which is connected to all the cottages by a corridor with roof, built as a ramp (without steps).

The common building: Built with a plinth area of more than 2200 sq. ft., the common building houses the dining hall, lounge, kitchen, store, work area, staff rooms, laundry etc.

Covered parking area is available for cars belonging to the residents.

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Parking Area

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Guest House

Communication: The location has good coverage for most of the mobile networks

Guest Accommodations: Guest Accommodations: An exclusive Guest House is built on the campus for overnight stay of visitors of the residents. They will be rendered all other services such as food, conveyance etc.

Places of worship: Places of worship such as temple, mosque, and Church are available within 3 kilometres from Vishranthi.