How to join Vishranthi?

Those interested are advised to make a visit to Vishranthi by prior appointment. After the visit a formal application can be submitted along with the joining fee. A married couple or a single person can take up a cottage in Vishranthi for life time, by paying a joining fee of 8.00 Lakhs for Single Cottage and 10.00 Lakhs for Double Cottage. This joining fee is ordinarily non-refundable. However, if a resident leaves the cottage due to unforeseen contingencies, during the first 5 years, the joining fee will be partly refunded according to a diminishing scale. No refund would be made after the 5th year.

In exceptional cases payment of joining fees in instalments may be allowed.

Recurring expenses on food, electricity, establishment, medical care etc. will be charged on a monthly basis, which the residents / guarantors have to pay through bank account. Residents joining the institution are eligible to stay in the cottage for their lifetime. In this regard the relationship between the Trust and the residents will be as per the terms of a Deed of License to be executed between both parties. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant.

Apart from lifelong membership, residents may stay in cottages for short terms (not more than 6 months at a time) on payment of monthly charges, without payment of joining fees. (Of course, an amount by way of caution deposit will be required).